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View Record 11857 pre [dem 1910]Melbourne (Melb)MELBOURNEMelbourneCollins St, 51 [south side bet Exhibition St & Spring St]Johnson, Arthur Ebden Ebden, Charles Hotson [-1857- 1864-] Smith, Hon Dr Louis L [-1878- 1885-]S&K 1857 CHE, 182 Collins St east [south side bet Stephen St & Spring St] S&K 1861 CHE, MLA, 182 Collins St east S&M1864 CHE, MLA, 182 & 184 Collins St east Argus, 25 May 1878, p 11 - anon tenders called for colouring & cleaning res of LLS; Argus, 9 May 1885, p 14 - Reed Henderson & Smart tenders for addns to res of Hon LLS, Collins St E; Journal of RVIA, Sep 1905, p 144 - Smith & Johnson designed Ebden's house in CollinsSt. Leavitt & Lilburn, Jub Hist, I, pt III, pp 12-13 - Hon Dr L L Smith biog & illus of house. Casey, An Aust Story, pp 115 ff - her father Charles Ryan, surgeon, had no 37 Collins St, next door Building, 12 December 1910, p 26: old house of Dr L L Smith in Collins St being pulled down. Annear, A City Lost and Found, pp 249-250: Ebden's house, built in the 1840s (wrong). L L Smith's son, Sir Harold Gengoult Smith, born there. It was acquired in 1911 by Pearson Tewksbury of the adjoining Oriental Hotel, and demolished to build a new wing on the hotel
View Record 21905 cPrahranSTONNINGTONToorakToorak Rd, c 591 (nw cnr St Georges Rd)Twentyman & AskewWinmarleighWallace, Alston [John A?] Clarke, W J TPaxton, Toorak, map p 17, shows Winmarleigh at the nw cnr Toorak & St Georges Rds, in the names of AW and [?then] WJTC S&M [1st listing]1905 Wallace, John A, St Georges Rd [nw cnr Toorak Rd] S&M 1906, 1907, 1910, 1912 Wallace, John A, 'Winmarleigh', St Georges Rd [nw cnr Toorak Rd] S&M 1913,1914,1915 Clarke, W J T, St Georges Rd [nw cnr Toorak Rd] Cannon, Long Last Summer, p 70. (c 1901 subdivision) MU Archives, Sydney Arnold & Co real estate leaflet collection, book May 1924 - Aug 1928, p 323. Auction brochure 23 Nov1927, 'Winmarleigh', St Georges Rd cnr Toorak Rd, on 2.5 acres, former residence of the late W J T Clarke. Built to the plans of supervised by Twentyman & Askew, 4 reception rooms, billiard or ballroom, 7 bedrooms etc, extensive garage for 4 cars.
View Record 3[1873?] 1885 preBrightonBAYSIDEBrightonMiddle Cres [sw side, Firbank Anglican School now occupies site. MMBW ref] Ellis, William JEffra [MMBW]Aylwin, J H Bradly, Charles Sylvester [c1917 - c 1953]Argus, 31 Oct 1885, p 14 - auction of Effra, by late WJE, frontages of 131'5" to Middle Cr and 478'6" to Lower Cr, dimensions of rooms given. Possible tender notice is Argus, 6 Oct 1873. p 3. WJE. Tenders wanted for villa res, Middle Cres, Brighton. MU Archives, Sydney Arnold & Co real estate leaflet collection, book 17 Feb 1914 - 11 Dec 1917, p35. Auction leaflet 20 Oct 1914, short description. Email advice from Neil Clerehan <arkoz@smartchat.net.au>, 3 April 04: The property extended back to Outer Crescent. About 1953 it was almost entirely demolished and became apartments (any involvement of Firbank could only be recent). It was owned by Charles Sylvester Bradly (Neil's uncle) from about 1917 to about 1953.
View Record 41880CollingwoodYARRAAbbotsford Pitt, William  Argus, 19 Apr 1880, p 3 - WP tenders for brick res, Abbtsfd TS Note: Not the same as 'Mikado' qv.
View Record 51860s?CaulfieldGLEN EIRA Balaclava Rd (south side through to Orrong Rd, vicinity Meadow St, Allan Rd, Alston Gv. & Greenmeadows Lane. MMBW ref)OtherGreenmeadows House Greenmeadows Green MeadowsClarke, William Lempriere, W J [sen] [-c1865-] Lempriere, Misses [-1900-]Murray, Sand, Swamp, p 29 - Greenmeadows subdivided after 1905; p108 - WC's home became WJL's Greenmeadows; Lempriere was an early merchant who managed the business of Oscar Tondeur & Co, and later diversified into ore and wool buying. S&M 1900 Lempriere, Misses, 'Green Meadows', Balaclava Rd, St Kilda. TS Note: Andrew Ward, City of Glen Eira Heritage Management Plan 1996, i, p 25. Fig 2.5 shows Lempriere on this land on Road District plan [erroneously dated 1857, actually no earlier than c1865 -66].
View Record 61870PrahranSTONNINGTONToorakToorak Rd [ne cnr Williams Rd. MMBW ref]Reed & BarnesGreenmount [Greenhill?] AroonaBlair, James [1869-1884] Landale, Alexander [1885- 1903-] Landale family [-late 1920s] Argus, 24 Nov 1869, p 3 - R & B tenders for large house and out-offices, Toorak for James Blair; Bldg Times, 17 Dec 1869, p 93 - R & B have let contract for house & out-offices, Toorak, to John Wright for �3,570; S&M 1880 Blair, James, Toorak Rd [ne cnr Williams Rd] Argus, 5 April 1884, p 2. Extensive ad for auction of furniture of James Blair at 'Greenmount', cnr Toorak & Williams Rds. Argus, 23 Apr 1884, p 3 - TW&S tenders for addns to Greenmount, Toorak Rd, Trk S&M 1886 Landale, Alexander, Toorak Rd [ne cnr Williams Rd] Vic Rep Men, pp 43-4. 'Aroona', res of Alexander Landale. Argus, 18 Sept 1926, p 2. Auction notice, instructed by Mrs Alexander Landale to sell 'Aroona' & 6 acres, cnr Toorak & Williams Rds. Description. MU Archives, Sydney Arnold & Co real estate leaflet collection, book May 1924 - Aug 1928, p 225. Auction brochure 21 Oct1926, 'Aroona', photo of exterior, description, site plan. Robb, Early Toorak, pp 86-7 'Aroona', formerly 'Greenhill' [sic] (illus) Paxton, Toorak, map p 26, shows Greenhill occ JB, then Aroona, Landale Context, Conservation Review, Prahran, III, pp 72 - Aroona was a 2 st mansion on ne cnr Williams & Toorak Rds, the estate was subdivided in the 1920s. Malone, Discovering Prahran No 5, p 6. James Blair, a police magistrate from Sydney and Portland, bought six acres and built 'Greenhill', living there until 1883 when he returned to England. It was bought by Alexander Landale, pastoralist of the Deniliquin area, and renamed Aroona. The Landale family lived there until the death of Mrs Landale, then the estate was subdivided in the late 1920s to form Landale Rd.
View Record 71861 preHawthornBOROONDARAHawthornGlenferrie Rd, 521  Erinagh Balmoral HouseO'Grady, Michael [- c 1876] Lachal, Gustave [-1883-]Argus, 4 April 1876, p 2. Auction notice - 'Erinagh', the beautiful suburban residence of the late Hon M O'Grady, on 1.5 acres at cnr of Glenferrie & Riversdale Rds. Gothic style res with slate roof, with 3 attics etc. Some room dimensions given. Numerous outoffices, summer houses, shrubberies etc. Outbuildings listed. McWilliam, Peppercorns, 64. McWilliam typescript note 1986 says O'Grady�s house, near Scotch, was amongst those proposed by Hawthorn council to be photographed for the1862 exhibition, South Bourke Standard, 16 August 1861. Argus, 8 Nov 1879, p 2. Auction notice - Estate formerly belonging to the late Hon M O'G. Sale includes substantial Gothic building with numerous outoffices, summer houses, shrubberies etc. Also ferneries, hothouses, greenhouses etc. Land being subdivided. Argus, 13 Nov 1880, p 2. In Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn, the commodious and substantial Gothic residence built by the late Hon Michael O'Grady and now known as Balmoral House. Two storey with detached kitchen & laundry, brick stables, coachhouse etc, extensive hot house & conservatory. Recently thoroughly renovated. Frontages to Glenferrie & Glenroy Rds. S&M 1883 Lachal, Gustave, 'Balmoral', Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn Smith & Corrigan, History of Hawthorn to 1895, p 62. Michael O'Grady lived in a 'rather pretentious looking house' on the top of thehill in Glenferrie Rd south which was pulled down to make room for the mansion presently occupied by T B Guest. (See 'Cestria').
View Record 81876?CaulfieldGLEN EIRACaulfieldLynedoch Ave, 2B (originally sw cnr Inkerman Rd & Orrong Rd. MMBW ref)[Smith, Sydney William ?]Craigellachie[?Young, William] [?Girdler, Joseph R] Pearson, William, MLA & MLC [1876-] Crawford, Robert Thomson, Percy Thomson, Mrs Francis, Newton Freeman, Richard [1997-]Murray, Sand, Swamp, pp160, 273. Andrew Ward, Caulfield Cons Study, np. Built in 1876 for pastoralist and politician William Pearson, who lived at Craigellachie until his death in 1894. ML report on file. Form suggests 2 stage development, 2 storey south section earlier. Solomon, Caulfield's Building Heritage, pp 25 - 27. Solomon notes that an etched glass panel door bears the crest of the Young family . She states that the reason for this is not known. (TS Note: See S&M below which suggest that the property was possibly owned by William Young before the purchase by Pearson). Owners have been Pearson, Robert Crawford [c1896 - 1919], Percy Thomson & later his widow [c1919-c1930], Newton Francis [c1935-c1973] S&M 1876 (1st entry) Pearson, William, Orrong Rd, St K, also Inkerman St east, St K. In location section at se cnr Inkerman St east & Orrong Rd. S&M 1875 Same site appears to be Girdler, Joseph (Sargood, Son & Co) S&M 1874 Same site appears to be Young, William (Young, William & Co), listed in alphabetical at both Orrong Rd & Inkerman St. In location section at se cnr Inkerman St east & Orrong St [sic]. S&M 1873 Same site appears to be Young, William (Young, William & Co), Balaclava but no listing at Orrong/Inkerman site. No listing before this date. TS Note: House is not shown on Vardy plan of 1873. Also account of the birth of Pearson's son at Craigellachie in 1864 is incorrect; birth notice in Argus shows that he was born at Kilmany Park, Sale. If, however, an earlier house existed on the site, a possible tender notice is Argus, 24 Oct 1874, p 10, Sydney W Smith, tenders wanted for additional brick rooms and various alterations to a residence in East St Kilda. Bought by Richard Freeman 1997, see MBL file.
View Record 91854 c?CaulfieldGLEN EIRACaulfieldGlen Eira Rd, (north side betw Hawthorn & Kooyong Rds, vicinity current Garrell St)Tayler, Lloyd ?The GarrellRenwick, SamuelArgus, 24 Oct 1874, p 10 - TW tenders for stable bldgs &c at Glen Eira Rd, Caulfield for SR. A'asian, 15 July 1876, p 88. The Garrell: The residence of Mr Samuel Renwick. Extensive article principally on the garden states that the property has been occupied by the present proprietor for over 14 years and was one of the first places in the locality to be improved. Two entrances to the 'ornamental portion' of the grounds, from the east & west ends onto Glen Eira Rd. There is also a drive off Glen Eira Rd leading to a cottage occupied by Mr Renwick Jnr. Murray, Sand, Swamp, 163 - SR's house, The Garrell, was opposite Pennington�s, and Watts as Shire president suggested buying 2 acres of it for a shire hall; Renwick refused, but agreed to approach his daughters-in-law, the Langdons, to sell land from 'Tarqua'; p 39 - plans for subdividing the Garrell approved by Council in 1917 Australian Antique Collector, 30 (July-December 1985), p 70 - SR was an emigrant from Dumfries who became a partner in James McEwan's, 1859 [could be George Wharton, 1884, but seems likely to be earlier and to be by Watts] Solomon, Caulfield's Building Heritage, p 35.
View Record 101892 cSt KildaPORT PHILLIPElwoodBurns St, 6 (west angle Brighton Rd on large block off nw corner, MMBW ref) Koch, John Augustus BernhardBroad Hinton [MMBW]Johnston, William Brown, Russel, M Wilson P Wharton, John LMBL note that this looks like the work of JABK. particularly resembling 3 Moule Ave, Brighton. S&M 1892 [1st listing] Johnston, William, solicitor, Burns St (no side given, only listing bet Brighton Rd & Tennyson St) S&M 1895 Brown, Russell, M, Burns St (no side given, only listing bet Brighton Rd & Tennyson St) S&M 1898 Wilson, Peter J [Pavey, Wilson & Cohen], 'Broad Hinton', Burns St (no side given, only listing bet Brighton Rd & Tennyson St) S&M 1904, Wilson P, 'Broad Hinton', Burns St (nw cnr Brighton Rd) S&M 1910 Wharton, John L, 'Broad Hinton', Burns St (nw cnr Brighton Rd)
View Record 111889 -90CaulfieldGLEN EIRACaulfieldInkerman Rd, 576 (nw cnr Ercildoune Rd. Grounds originally bounded Inkerman Rd, Orrong Rd & possibly what became Orrong Cres)Kirkpatrick & GilesErcildouneKnox, ArthurMurray, Sand, Swamp, p 118. Solomon, Caulfield's Building Heritage, p 49. First in rate books of 1891 but must have been built earlier. Owned 1893 - 94 by Arthur Knox. Extant in 1989. S&M 1892 (1st entry) Knox, Arthur, Inkerman Rd (bet Orrong and cnr Orrong Cres at Orrong Cres end) TS Note: Probable tender notice. Kirkpatrick and Giles Letterbook SLVMS 8663 p 58. 3 Oct 1889. K & G to prepare plan for residence at Caulfield for Mr A Knox.
View Record 121879 cKewBOROONDARAKewStudley Park Rd [east side north of Orana (2 flights of steps, fernery),vicinity current Merrion Gv, 29 Studley Park Rd in 1890-1910] Lockinge [MMBW] Windella(?Wade, H C) Kitchen, Theophilus [-1890 -1892] Saul, Joshua [1893-1895-] Treadway, John [-1900-] Balfour, Hon James Peacock, Dr Samuel Knox [1926-1932]Vic Rep Men, pp 97-8. [note Sutherland, V ic & Met, II, p 536 - Thomas Watts 'connected with' design of house for JB which is not this one. Actually his Brighton house 'Wellington' qv or Balfour�s Smith & Watts semidetached in Jolimont Terrace of 1862] Cannon, Land Boom & Bust, p 111. Balfour moves to 'Windella' after leaving 'Illapa' (Balfour is at 'Illapa' in 1900). Site of 'Windella' is now (ie 1972) Studley Park Hospital. S&M 1892, 1890 Kitchen, Theophilus 29 Studley Park Rd S&M 1895, 1893 Saul, Joshua 29 Studley Park Rd Barnard, Jubilee Hist of Kew, p 47. Retracing our steps as far as Studley Ave we enter among a number of recently erected villas and mansions...From the piazza of 'Lockinge', the handsome residence of Mr J F Treadway, a delightful view of the Yarra etc. S&M 1900 Treadway, John 29 Studley Park Rd Lemon, The Young Man From Home, p 138. In 1901 Balfour moved to 'Lockinge' which he renamed 'Windella'. S&M 1904 Balfour, Hon J 'Windella', 29 Studley Park Rd S&M 1910 Balfour, Hon J 29 Studley Park Rd (south side bet High St & Howard St) Argus, 20 Sept 1926, p 14.'Windella', the former mansion home of the late James Balfour recently auctioned. Grounds divided into allotments &sold, with 2 lots facing Studley Park Rd & 4 lots facing Windella Av. TS Note: It appears from S&M that Windella Av was never created at this location. It is likely that it is now Merrion Place. CONTINUED /2
View Record 141864St KildaPORT PHILLIPAlbert ParkBarkly St (east side bet Carlisle St & Smith St)Twentyman  Argus, 22 Sep 1864, p 3 - NB tenders for hse in Barkly St, StK Argus, 3 June 1876, p 2 - auction of villa 'erected under .. Mr B', adjoining Hofwyl School, brick, dng & drwg rms, 3 bedrs, bthrm, kitchen with kitchener, &c, &c S&M 1877 Hofwyl School (Alexander Gillespie), Barkly St (east side bet Carlisle St & Smith St).http://webraft.its.unimelb.edu.au/702473/pub/
View Record 151891-2CamberwellBOROONDARACamberwellWaterloo St [west side bet Riversdale Rd & Prospect Hill Rd][Dunn, Alfred?] Baillieu, W LABCN, 14 Nov 1891, p 395 - AD tender for large villa res for W F [?sic] Baillieu, Camberwell. [TS Note: ABCN, 6 Feb 1892 p 116 - AD res at Camberwell Heights, is a small villa & not this residence] Not found in Camberwell before S&M 1896 Baillieu, W L, Waterloo St, Camberwell [west side bet Riversdale Rd & Prospect Hill Rd, immediately to the north of the Pres Church which is on the nw cnr Riversdale Rd] TS Note: Site check needed. Seems unlikely to be this house.
View Record 161888MalvernSTONNINGTONToorakKooyong Rd, 170 (?formerly116) e side, through to Albany Rd. MMBW ref)Salway, William[Nareeb] Sommariva Oma (MMBW) NareebBeale, Octavius Charles [1888-1890] Grice, John [1890- 1892-] Catto, John [-1892-] Grice, James SimmondsArgus, 2 June 1888, p 19. WS. Tenders wanted for large brick residence and stabling at Toorak for O C Beale. Sutherland, Vic & Met, II, p 639 - contracts in hand by Robert Gamlin include house of O Beale, Toorak. Argus, 26 April 1890, p 3. Extensive auction notice for 'Sommariva', the mansion of Octavius Beale on 5.5.acres with frontages to Boundary & Albany Rds, Toorak. Designed by William Salway, and is '..a masterpiece of Italian domestic architecture, in the style developed by Palladio.' Dimensions of major rooms given. Many house & garden features described, including ceilings to the ground floor rooms, & also the cortile & galleries which are of wrought zinc from Aix-la-Chapelle. Australasian, 13 Aug [?1892], p 332 - 'Oma' in Boundary or Kooyong Rd, 500 yards from Malvern Rd, built for OC Beale to design of WS, bought by John Grice who is at present with his wife in England, temporarily occ by JC; fine well-planted grounds, handsome elaborate scrollwork gates in ornamental brick walls, serpentine drive, French style house with red granite pillars, ceilings, cornices &c of thin metalwork like repouss�Ixion, 'A Saunter ..', Australasian, 30 July 1892, p 232 - 'A five minutes' walk along the Malvern-road westwards [from Stonnington & Moorakyne] brings us to the Boundary or Kooyong road. The corner house is Carmyle, Mr. Colin Simson's, and next but one to it in the Kooyong-road going north is Oma, occupied by Mr. Catto, the owner, Mr. James Grice, being at present in England. After Oma comes Wombelana [ie Wombelano]...' Paxton plan p 6 shows Oma', James [sic] Grice, renamed as 'Nareeb" CONT/2.
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