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Report results

IdRecord noOld municipalityNew municipalitySuburbAddressArchitectYearHouse_namesOwners
View Record 1Melbourne (Melb)MELBOURNEMelbourneCollins St, 51 [south side bet Exhibition St & Spring St]Johnson, Arthur Ebden1857 pre [dem 1910] Ebden, Charles Hotson [-1857- 1864-] Smith, Hon Dr Louis L [-1878- 1885-]
View Record 10St KildaPORT PHILLIPElwoodBurns St, 6 (west angle Brighton Rd on large block off nw corner, MMBW ref) Koch, John Augustus Bernhard1892 cBroad Hinton [MMBW]Johnston, William Brown, Russel, M Wilson P Wharton, John L
View Record 100St KildaPORT PHILLIPElwoodVautier St, 30, 30a (originally North Elwood St)Russell, Watts & Pritchard1855, 1877Elwood House (MMBW) [?Bleak House] [Seacombe?]Docker, Rev Joseph Docker, F G Dougharty, J G Dougharty, Mrs M L Huon, Matilda Huon, Florence Griffi
View Record 1000CaulfieldGLEN EIRAElsternwickHotham St, 192Reed & Barnes1868-9Rippon Lea (MMBW)Sargood, Sir Frederick Thomas [1868- Bent, Sir Thomas Nathan, Benjamin Jones, Mrs Louisa
View Record 10000St KildaPORT PHILLIPElwoodVautier St, 30, 30a (originally North Elwood St)Russell, Watts & Pritchard1855, 1877Elwood House (MMBW) [?Bleak House]Docker, Rev Joseph Docker, F G Dougharty, J G Dougharty, Mrs M L Huon, Matilda Huon, Florence Griffi
View Record 10001PrahranSTONNINGTONToorakSt Georges Rd, 21 sw cnr Tahara Rd ( MMBW ref)-1850-1Toorak House (2)Jackson, James Hervey, Matthew Williamson, Charles Hotham, Sir Charles [governor] Johnston, Archibal
View Record 1005St KildaPORT PHILLIPSt KildaAlma Rd (location from Vardy plan would be vicinity of Palm Crt & Fulton St)Terry, Leonard1869Westphalia VillaBrahe, W A [1869- 1877-]
View Record 1006FitzroyYARRAFitzroyNicholson St, 16-18 [cnr Princes St]Smith & Watts1869HautvilleCohen, J
View Record 1012St KildaPORT PHILLIPSt KildaGrey St (west side bet Jackson St & Neptune St. MMBW ref.)Webb, Charles1869Mittagong Twentyman, Richard Molesworth, Robert A
View Record 1019KewBOROONDARAKewMerrion Grove, 4 (originally Studley Park Rd, east of �Field Place�)-1875 preDarleyAlsop, John [-1875- 1885-] Preacock, Dr Samue Knoxl [?c1912 - 1932] Lehane, J A [-1938-]
View Record 1024CaulfieldGLEN EIRACaulfieldSt Georges Rd, 1 [originally Glen Huntly Rd. MMBW ref]Crouch & Wilson1869 cGlenmoore Glen Moor (MMBW) [Glenmore]Moore, Hugh & Sophia [c 1869-1889, occ; -1903 owners] Cowie, Annie [1893-1902] Hall, St John & Harri
View Record 1028CaulfieldGLEN EIRACaulfieldBalaclava Rd, 1 (se cnr Hotham St. MMBW ref)Tayler, Lloyd1869-70Kilwinning (MMBW)Service, Hon James
View Record 103St KildaPORT PHILLIPSt KildaBrighton Rd [west side bet Dickens St & Milton St]-1870 preCritchillBerghoff, Charles Scratchley, Sir Peter Wallace, John A
View Record 1030BrightonBAYSIDEBrightonLeslie Grove, 5 [fomerley Hartley St, nw cnr Were St & west to the railway line. MMBW ref] Tayler, Lloyd1869-70Blair Athol [MMBW] Blair Athole [VRM] Campbell, Hon William [1870-] Currie, Archibald Felstead, Edward Felstead, William H Menzies, Cather
View Record 1032St KildaPORT PHILLIPSt KildaPrinces St, 2 [east cnr Pattison St. MMBW ref]Smith, Sydney William1869-71FarncombeSmith, Sydney William Smith, Mrs Sarah A
View Record 1033Melbourne (SY)MELBOURNESouth YarraAnderson StReed & Barnes1870Fairlie (2) Fairlie House (2)Anderson, Col Joseph [1870-1877] Anderson, William Acland Douglas [1877-1882] FitzGibbon, Edmund [?1
View Record 1034St KildaPORT PHILLIPSt KildaAcland St, 26 (north angle bet Acland & Robe Sts. MMBW ref)Kursteiner, Alfred1870Linden (1)Michaelis, Moritz [-1876 - 1898-]
View Record 1035St KildaPORT PHILLIPSt KildaCharnwood Cres , 3 [originally Charnwood Cres & High St]Smith, Alfred Louis1870Charnwood BanffPaling, R J Robertson, Robert Smith, Robert
View Record 1036CamberwellBOROONDARACamberwellAird St, 8 [formerly Riversdale Rd, then Peppin St]-1870St Johns Wood (1) WanganellaMcDonald, John [1870-77] Peppin, Mrs Maria [1878-88] Sceele, C S [solicitor] [1888-1889] Willis, Bra
View Record 1037St KildaPORT PHILLIPSt KildaSt Leonards Ave (east of 'Mimosa'. MMBW ref)[Smith & Johnson?]1870St Leonards (MMBW)Matheson, John, [?Mathieson] [-1868-1888] Armytage, Frederick [-1888-] Cummings, - [1920s] Cummings
View Record 1037St KildaPORT PHILLIPSt KildaSt Leonards Ave (east of 'Mimosa'. MMBW ref)[?Smith & Johnson]1870St Leonards (MMBW)Matheson, John, [?Mathieson] Armytage, Frederick Cummings, - (1920s) Cummings, Clifford (-1970)
View Record 1038MalvernSTONNINGTONMalvernMonaro Rd, 14 [originally large prperty, Glenferrie Rd, ne cnr Toorak Rd] -1872 c [1866 c?]Glenferrie House (1) Culbin ZeerustFergusson, James MLA Hayes, R E Stevenson, George Young, E M
View Record 104KewBOROONDARAKewWalpole St [east side, through to Peel St. [house at mid-depth, faces east with circular drive, entr-1881 c?Doran [MMBW]Allan, George G [-1881- 1900-] ? Mt Scopus
View Record 1041St KildaPORT PHILLIPSt KildaChapel St, 41 (nw cnr Chapel St & Alma Rd & through to Redan St. MMBW ref)Tayler, Lloyd1870Bidura Decomet (MMBW) Narrama [S&M] Webster, William [1870- 1876-] Webster, Mrs Sarah [-1885] Petty, Mrs K [1886] Benn, Mrs John [1887-
View Record 1042Melbourne (EMelb)MELBOURNEEast MelbourneAlbert St, 362 (Sect 8 lot 4 is north side approx midway bet Lansdowne St & Eades St)Terry, Leonard1870St Joseph's HostelWilkinson, Frederick [1870- 1884-] Howitt, Mrs Sarah A [-1890-] Howitt, Alexander Mc [-1895-]
View Record 1044PrahranSTONNINGTONToorakIrving Rd, 75-79 [west side opp Albany Rd, ne side of quadrant. Original address Toorak Road. MMBW rTerry, Leonard1870Brookong (MMBW) Brookong House Fanecourt (2) Eilyer (2) Greenwich HouseLorimer, Sir James [1869-1876] Halliday, William [1876-1879] Kinnear, Robert Hill [1879-1900-] Mitch
View Record 1049FitzroyYARRAFitzroyVictoria Pde, 189-1870 cEildon Eildon HouseSmith, Thomas [-1874] Johnston, Charles [-1892-] Warren, Dr William [-1900-] Vicpar [-1972]
View Record 105RichmondYARRARichmondErin St [sw cnr Normanby Pl]-1889 preAlbionBaker, R
View Record 1051GisborneMACEDON RANGESMt MacedonAlton Rd, 47-1870PenolaBrookes, Norman O'Connor, John & Thurley
View Record 1052CaulfieldGLEN EIRACaulfieldRosecraddock Place, 3Tayler, Lloyd1870 [1850s on]Rosecraddock Ringwood Cottage Ringwood Harris, G W [to 1860] Tropp, Samuel [1860-] Jamieson, J Connell, J [to 1870] Langdon, Henry J [1870
View Record 1053HawthornBOROONDARAHawthornTooronga Rd [later address St Helens Rd, later Leura Gv]-1864 preTwyford ShorlandCole, Thomas Cole, Henry U Cole, A H
View Record 1054BrightonBAYSIDEBrighton EastMavis Ave, 3 [MMBW ref]Webb, Charles1857 c; 1881Landcox [MMBW ] Marillac House Tara InstituteWere, Jonathan Binns [c 1857 - 1862 - ] McMillan, Archibald & Kate McMillan, William Bent, Sir Thoma
View Record 1055PrahranSTONNINGTONToorakOrrong Road [w side, towards river end. MMBW ref]-1890 ?cSt Mary's Laluma (1)Groom, Arthur C, MLA [-1890- ] Smith, Mr s Thomas [-1895 - 1903-] Mackinnon, Lauchlan C [-1934]
View Record 1056EssendonMOONEE VALLEYEssendonWoodland St [south side, immediately opposite Napier Park near end of Noble Av]-1870 preRoseneath [MMBW]Clarke, Lewis [1858] Clarke, William John Turner [1870-4] Hearn, James & Mary [-1882-4-] Helen (n�B
View Record 1057MalvernSTONNINGTONMalvernMalvern Rd, (south side, near Burke Rd. MMBW plan 1754 indicates location as se cnr Osborne & Nash STayler, Lloyd1869 preBelmont (1)Osborne [Osburne], Henry Pritchard, John A
View Record 1058St KildaPORT PHILLIPSt KildaAlma Rd [bet Orrong Rd & Alexandra St, Vardy plan identifies as being on approx sw cnr Lansdown St,Tayler, Lloyd1870-1 1877 1878 1885Herford Hereford (MMBW) Hertford Lange, F C Officer, William
View Record 1059HawthornBOROONDARAHawthornIsabella Gv, 7 (St James Park)-1870sVentnor-
View Record 106KewBOROONDARAKewWalpole St [ne cnr Malmsbury St, extending along Malmsbury to Peel St [house at sw cnr facing north,-1874 cMolonglo [MMBW]Harrison, H C A [-1880- 1900-]
View Record 1060MorningtonMORNINGTON PENINSULAMorningtonFrontage Way-1870s lateFrontage House Glanmire SouthdeanWebb, Judge George Henry
View Record 1061CaulfieldGLEN EIRACaulfieldBambra Rd (west side boundaries approx current Snowden Av & Briggs Sts. MMBW ref. Vicinity Chloris -1871 [& earlier?]Glenholme (MMBW) Glen HolmeHart, John [ to c 1879] McDougall, James Butler, Richard H
View Record 1065PrahranSTONNINGTONToorakIrving RdTerry, Leonard1871StauntonWilliams, Hartley [1871- 1873-] McVean, John [Beale, Octavius?]
View Record 1070KewBOROONDARA-High St, [ from Barkers Rd to Stevenson St, lodge at High St, house near Stevenson St, facing sth, [Vickers, Charles?]1856 c [1871?]Findon [MMBW]Palmer, James F Henty, Stephen G Miller, Hon Henry [1871 -
View Record 1071St Kilda--Grey St, 57 (MMBW ref)Reed & Barnes1871; [1850]Barham Barham House Eildon (MMBW)Green, Edward B [own, 1850- 1856] Nicholson, William [occ, -1856- 1865] Twentyman, Richard[-1867- 18
View Record 1072HawthornBOROONDARAHawthornHarcourt St, 13Beswicke, John1869 cTudor Lodge Hilton HouseBeswicke, Charles Beswicke, John Hill, Cullis Sommers, Wiliam Johnson, Dr John Stephenson, A G
View Record 1073Melbourne (EMelb)MELBOURNEEast MelbournePowlett St, 121 [also 118 Gipps St, nw cnr Gipps St] Reed & Barnes1874The Bungalow Crathie Crathre Crathre House Brown, Mrs Mary E [1873 -] Brown, Gavan [1873 - 1875-] American Institute for Alcoholism White, Mrs
View Record 1075PrahranSTONNINGTONSouth YarraToorak Rd, 366 approx (south side, near west cnr Williams Rd, actual later location after subdivisReed & Barnes1874 cAllanvaleCumming, Mrs Hammond, H
View Record 1079HawthornBOROONDARAHawthornCoppin Grove, 12 [MMBW ref]Conlon, James Thomas1872Bendigo Villa YarromaBurrows, Thomas Bevan, Philip Bevan, Edward P
View Record 1081St KildaPORT PHILLIPSt KildaGrey St, 71 (west side approx mid way bet Fitzroy & Neptune Sts. Vardy plan as annotated by RaggatSmith, Sydney William1872StradbrokeMoore, Thompson, MLA Bruce, John M Goodall, John
View Record 1085BrightonBAYSIDEBrightonHampton St [vicinity of Alicia & Bridge Sts, Hampton][Tayler, Lloyd?]1872Esmerelda EsmeraldaHarston, William [1872-] Palmer, William [-1887] Norman, William [1887-]
View Record 1086St KildaPORT PHILLIPSt KildaTennyson St (one property east of se cnr Tennyson St & Dickens St in 1873. (MMBW ref is north east s-1865 preBeaumont Rossedon (MMBW) Bosslborn (MMBW) Bosseborn (S&M)Sellar, R Ritchie, Mrs Gudeman, R Gudemann, Mrs Mary
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