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Mansion Glenmoore Glen Moor (MMBW) [Glenmore]

By architect Crouch & Wilson , 1869 c



Glenmoore Glen Moor (MMBW) [Glenmore]
Moore, Hugh & Sophia [c 1869-1889, occ; -1903 owners] Cowie, Annie [1893-1902] Hall, St John & Harriet [1903-] Campbell, Jack & Felicitie [c 1970 - 1998 -]

Street details

St Georges Rd, 1 [originally Glen Huntly Rd. MMBW ref]

Building details

67 G2-G3

Construction details

Crouch & Wilson
Watts, Thomas
1869 c

Source, Ilustrations and Features

Murray, Sand, Swamp, p 155 - Glenmore [sic] home of Hugh More [sic]. Argus, 23 July 1869, p 3. Crouch & Wilson. Tenders wanted for villa residence at Elsternwick for H Moore. Catherine Tate, Austr Arch B, MUAS 1996, says it is Glenmoore, built by Hugh Moore. It was built c 1869-72 to the design of Thomas Watts, according to the family, and extended backwards in 1883 as indicated by ratebooks. Later shops were built in front and a new entrance created at the side. Watts also did the shops and Felicitie Campbell has his drawings for them. H&SM moved in 1889 to Corinella in Caulfield, and according to tradition she said she'd never return because of the ten shops built on her front garden. It was leased out from 1890. From 1893 to 1902 Annie Cowie ran it as a school called Glenmoore. After HM's death in 1903 his daughter Harriet and her husband St John Hall lived there. Solomon, Caulfield's Building Heritage, pp 42-43. Sunday Age, 25 Jan 1998, Sunday Property, p 14 - John Westwod article on Caulfield, starts with Jack and Felicitie [sic] Campbell. She lived there from the mid-1930s, went interstate, and returned with her husband about 30 years ago. Andrew Ward, City of Glen Eira Heritage Management Plan, III, np. TS Note: Cooper, The History of St Kilda, I, p 233. A photograph of the house of H Moore was among those sent in 1873 to the Vienna Exhibition illustrating palatial homes of the borough. S&M 1873 Moore, Hugh, Glenhuntly Rd, St K.
Catherine Tate has a copy of an excellent 1880s photo obtained from Felicity Campbell Murray, Sand, Swamp, p 155 - modern photo of 2 st house, ver/balc with frieze rail, little pediment, but looks pre-1870. Solomon, Caulfield's Building Heritage, p 43. Same as Catherine Tate's. Sunday Age, 25 Jan 1998, Sunday Property, p 14, colour view of part of front, with the Campbells. Port Phillip / Caulfield CONTINUED
?early bichromy