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Mansion Summerland [Tandragee House?] [Tanderagee House?]

By architect [?Wharton, George] , 1854 pre



Summerland [Tandragee House?] [Tanderagee House?]
[?Bennett, John Barter] Bennett, Robert [-1854 - 1863-] Brush [-1866-] Guthrie, John [-1870-] Wilson, George [-1874-] Shiels, Hon W A

Street details

St Kilda
St Kilda
Fitzroy St, (sw cnr Acland St)

Building details

57 K9

Construction details

[?Wharton, George]
1854 pre

Source, Ilustrations and Features

Vic Rep Men, 50-51; Serle in ADB, XI, pp 595-8. Cooper, The History of St Kilda, I, p 256. Reputedly built by solicitor John Barter Bennett. Raggatt, 'St Kilda', p 19 & App A, p 3. Built 1854 for John Barter Bennett, solicitor (appears in 1854 illustration with a hipped roof); occ in 1858 by Robert Bennett; in 1866 by Brush, jeweller (photo in his time shows surrounding ss ver interrupted by classical portico, on top of which is an open balcony with sway-bellied ci. Early description indicates it was not built in 1852. Age, 26 Nov 1859, p 4. Birth notice. On 21 Nov at Tandragee [sic] House, St Kilda, birth of son to Mrs Robert Bennett. TS Note: Robert Bennett born at Tanderagee, Amargh, Ireland. TS Note: No private address listed for J B Bennett in 1857, 1858. JBB first found at Dandenong Rd qv in Tanner 1859 (also, Sinclair gives description of property of - Bennett in Dandenong Rd qv). S&K 1859, S&M 1863 has Robert Bennett at the sw cnr Fitzroy & Acland Sts. By S&M 1870, Guthrie, John (Inspector General of Customs), & S&M 1874 Wilson, George. TS Note: Possibly Argus, 22 Sep 1857 [?np] - Robertson & Hale tenders for villa near the Village Belle, StK for J Bennet qv but more probable tender notice is Argus, 14 Aug 1852, p 2 - GW tenders for dwg hse at StK for Robert Bennett. Annotation in Raggatt, 'St Kilda' identifies this as Vardy plan No. 5 W W , lot 40. Clearly shown on 1854 Black plan and 1856-7 Kearney plan. See also Sinclair, Beauties, description of property of Robert Bennett.
Vic Rep Men, pp 50-51 City of Port Phillip collection. Early photo in Raggatt 'St Kilda', Appendix A , p 3. Part view in 1863 painting in in Raggatt 'St Kilda', Appendix A , p 1.