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Mansion Elwood House (MMBW) [?Bleak House] [Seacombe?]

By architect Russell, Watts & Pritchard , 1855, 1877



Elwood House (MMBW) [?Bleak House] [Seacombe?]
Docker, Rev Joseph Docker, F G Dougharty, J G Dougharty, Mrs M L Huon, Matilda Huon, Florence Griffiths

Street details

St Kilda
Vautier St, 30, 30a (originally North Elwood St)

Building details

67 C4

Construction details

Russell, Watts & Pritchard
Smith & Johnson
1855, 1877

Source, Ilustrations and Features

Argus,15 Dec 1854, p 7. RW&P. Tenders wanted for two 2 storey brick dwelling houses at North Elwood. Argus 27 Oct 1855, p 7. Watts & Pritchard. Tenders wanted for completing two houses at North Elwood for S (sic) Docker. National Trust FN 2973. Terrace pair designed by RW&P in Dec 1854 and built by Joseph Docker. Combined by J G Dougharty in 1871 to form single house called Elwood House. MMBW 1906 plan shows attached building to the west (facing the beach and The Esplanade) , which has since been demolished. D Bick, St K Cons Study, i, pp 248-250. Quotes Docker family papers which record Anderson, Lamb & Bonham as contractors and the total cost of the work as approx �2,000. Also insurance policy for Elwood Houses of 1856. Owners from title search were Joseph Docker, Frederick George Docker [1865-70], J G Dougharty [1870-c1890/91], Ann Dougharty [1891-1902], Matilda Huon [1901/2- 1915/16], Florence Huon [1915/16-1923/24] and Griffiths [1923/24] J McMillan The Two Lives of Joseph Docker , pp 241-2. Two of a planned terrace of eight. (Contract drawings on file show the existing two intended to form a pavilion pair to the west end of the terrace). Cooper, History of St Kilda , ii,pp182 -5. Land bought by Docker from Joseph G Vautier in 1853. Docker built the two houses, occupied one and let the other to J G Dougharty. Docker and Dougharty both left and the property fell into disrepair. Dougharty bought the two (no date given) and turned into a single house which according to Mrs Dougharty was called Bleak House and later Elwood House. (Her CONTINUED./2
Copy of [watercolour?] illustration of 'Elwood House' , showing the surviving two storey pair and the single storey L shaped house (which has since been demolished) adjoining the pair on the south. Port Phillip City collection, courtesy of Melissa Hays, acting curator. Melbourne University Archives, Sydney Arnold & Co collection of real estate sale pamphlets, book 17 Feb 1914 to 11 Dec 1917, p 13. Photo, similar to above but part obscured.