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Mansion Rippon Lea (MMBW)

By architect Reed & Barnes , 1868-9



Rippon Lea (MMBW)
Sargood, Sir Frederick Thomas [1868- Bent, Sir Thomas Nathan, Benjamin Jones, Mrs Louisa

Street details

Hotham St, 192

Building details

67 F2

Construction details

Reed & Barnes
Tayler, Lloyd Tayler & Fitts

Source, Ilustrations and Features

Argus, 28 Sep 1868, p 3 - R & B tenders for large house & outblgs at Elst for FTS; Argus, 27 July 1872, p 3. Tenders wanted for plasterers, additions at Mr Sargood's, Elsternwick. Argus,8 Aug 1884, p 2 - Reed, Henderson & Smart, tenders for stone kerbing with iron fencing; BEMJ, 25 May 1889, supp 3 - LT tenders for brick cottage at Elst for Col Sargood, MLC; 6 Feb 1897, p 80 - Sir FS has commissioned Tayler & Fitts for extensive alterations ton his res, Ripponlea. HBV, 148; HOA, 3/17; CA - Coleman; MBL lecture; Cannon, Long Last Summer, pp 52-4 E N Matthews, Colonial Organs and Organ Builders, p 182. Organ of British manufacture built before 1873. 'Organ moved and installed in ballroom of Rippon Lea when house completed 1881.' Argus, 20 Jan 1883, p 2. Extensive ad for the sale of furniture [principally by Thwaites & Sons] of Hon F T Sargood, at is residence, Rippon Lea. Could be Argus, 4 Aug 1884, p 2 - LT tenders for entrance gates & picket fence close to Elsternwick Station Murray, Sand, Swamp, Heath, p 269 - Peter Davis was the original grantee of the site of Rippon Lea. Garden design probably by Bateman: see MBL, 'Chatsworth House' (1990), p 31, ref Anne Neale, 'Bateman Update' (1988), p 14. Richard Heathcote, 'Portrait of a Gardener: Adam Anderson of Rippon Lea', Trust News, XXIV, 5 (April 1996), pp 10-11. Note: cast iron rustic bridges comparable to those at Rippon Lea are published as 'E. Jaquemin. Inventeur 8th s.g.d.g. Faubourg du Temple, 83, Paris� in [Charles-Ferdinand Zor�, Compagnie des Hauts-Fourneaux, Fonderies & Forges de CONTINUED ../2
Wkg drwgs, Bates Smart coll, MU Archives [digital copy of basement plan on file]. Photos LTL, repr inLane & Serle, Aust at Home, pp 346-8. Photos of 1903, c 1939 &c held by Ben Jones, reproduced in Struthers, �A Modern Touch� ML slides of NT Rippon Lea Album and others. Port Philip collection [SK 0458], c1872 photo in Raggatt, 'St Kilda', app A. SLV 792869, same image as above. CONTINUED ../2
Lombardic Garden probably Bateman