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Mansion Elwood House (MMBW) [?Bleak House]

By architect Russell, Watts & Pritchard , 1855, 1877



Elwood House (MMBW) [?Bleak House]
Docker, Rev Joseph Docker, F G Dougharty, J G Dougharty, Mrs M L Huon, Matilda Huon, Florence Griffiths

Street details

St Kilda
Vautier St, 30, 30a (originally North Elwood St)

Building details

67 C4

Construction details

Russell, Watts & Pritchard
Smith & Johnson
1855, 1877

Source, Ilustrations and Features

CONTINUED 2. daughter disputes this and claims that Bleak House was a different property which was held by the Osborne family and was later named Wiltonia qv). TS Note: S&M tends to confirm that Bleak House was elsewhere and became Wiltonia qv. TS Note: This following auction notice for Elwood House has been entered here but the description does not seem to match the property. The description more accurately matches the property Seacombe qv. Also, the undated illustration of Elwood House in the City of Port Phillip collection does not look remotely Gothic. Argus, 30 Nov 1872, p 3. Auction notice, by order of the mortgagees, 2 mansions, Elwood House and Seaview House fronting Hobson's Bay at Elwood. Elwood House is an elegant single storey Gothic house recently repaired at a heavy cost. Stables, coachhouse, coalhouse, servant's rooms, school-room, smoking room, etc, all buildings bluestone & brick and cemented, slate roofs. Dimensions of all rooms given. Argus, 16 Jan 1874, p 2. Virtually identical to the above ad except that the 1872 ad says that the property is being sold by the mortgagees, and states that the properties adjoin each other. Argus, 14 Apr 1877, p 10 - S&J tenders for addns to res of JGD, Elwd Argus, 5 April 1884, p 2. Auction notice for furniture of J G Dougharty, MLC [who is leaving for Europe] at Elwood House near Elsternwick. Argus, 19 March, 1891, p 2. Extensive ad for the sale of the 'exquisite modern furniture by Moore and Hunton, London' and others, at Elwood House, the CONTINUED/3