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Mansion Toorak House (2)

By architect , 1850-1



Toorak House (2)
Jackson, James Hervey, Matthew Williamson, Charles Hotham, Sir Charles [governor] Johnston, Archibald Nicholas, Mrs Ryan, Sir Charles

Street details

St Georges Rd, 21 sw cnr Tahara Rd ( MMBW ref)

Building details

2M K5

Construction details

Maplestone, Charles [PWD]

Source, Ilustrations and Features

CONTINUED 2 TS Note: Matthew Hervey was married to Charles Williamson's eldest daughter. Also, Argus, 22 March 1853 records birth of daughter to Mrs Matthew Hervey at Toorak, South Yarra. Jean Uhl, A Woman of Importance , p 123. Diary of Emily Childers 20 Dec 1853 records '..drove to Toorak. A very nice new house well adapted for the new Govr. Beautiful view from the tower'. Sinclair, Beauties; TS Note: Charles Maplestone Letter Book held by the City of Melbourne Archives, pp 49, 58, 59. Maplestone with Vic PWD records in Jan1854 work being carried out at Toorak House. Maplestone is involved in the alterations, additions & decoration. In May 1854, the contractor is working day & night to finish before the arrival of the governor. Lease taken for 2 years until '..we can get a palace built worthy of a deputy monarch'. Lease has cost �10,000 and a further �3,000 is to be spent on improvements without the furniture. [Later further accounts of large additional amounts spent by Hotham.] Portland Chronicle, 25 March 1856. Account of CONTINUED /3
CONTINUED 2 Inst Album; Robertson, Ornamental Cast Iron in Melbourne, p 115 - view; Casey, Early Melb Arch, p156. A J Petrie collection, colour slides 1962. HBV, p 142 SLV John Collins photo. City of Port Port Phillip Collection, coloured photo of early excellent painting,details to be checked with Melissa Hayes. A'sian, 11 April1903, CONTINUED /3