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Mansion St Leonards (MMBW)

By architect [?Smith & Johnson] , 1870



St Leonards (MMBW)
Matheson, John, [?Mathieson] Armytage, Frederick Cummings, - (1920s) Cummings, Clifford (-1970)
Dem (1970)

Street details

St Kilda
St Kilda
St Leonards Ave (east of 'Mimosa'. MMBW ref)

Building details

58 A9

Construction details

[?Smith & Johnson]
Cummings, George

Source, Ilustrations and Features

Continued 2 Argus, 23 October 1888, John Matheson selling furniture at St Leonards, Church Square, Acland St (from Rob La Nauze 2014) TS Note: Elements of this are difficult to reconcile. The James/Shew album photo appears to be an 1850s house, which maybe Matheson's house described by Sinclair qv. Also, Matheson is on the St Leonards site before and after the 1870 (Smith & Johnson) date given in Trust News for the construction of the house for George Armytage. According to S&M, Frederick Armytage does not become the occupant of this site until c1884. The Vardy plan depiction of the building is not consistent with either the James/Shew album photo or the Raggatt photo. The James/Shew album photo is similar, but not identical to the form of a building shown in the corner of the site on the 1854 Black plan. Argus, 9 Dec 1893, p 7. To let. St Leonard's, Church Square, family mansion of 15 rooms, stables etc. Also brick villa at rear. Apply R Molesworth 'Mittagong', or C J & T Ham, 75 Swanston St.
Cont 2 SLV Athol Shmith photos commisioned by Cliff Cummings at time of demolition & presented to the NTrust, 3 Dec 1974, include a good side elevation with the tower, various interiors, some showing good stencil and dado decoration. Trust Newsletter, III, 6 (Feb 1975), 9: interior photos [?same]. Casey, Early Melb Arch, p163. SLV Picture Collection, LtAF 371, Colin Caldwell Album, p 19. Photos of tower, Feb1949.