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Mansion Darley

By architect , 1875 pre



Alsop, John [-1875- 1885-] Preacock, Dr Samue Knoxl [?c1912 - 1932] Lehane, J A [-1938-]

Street details

Merrion Grove, 4 (originally Studley Park Rd, east of �Field Place�)

Building details

45 B6

Construction details

1875 pre

Source, Ilustrations and Features

S&M 1875 - John Alsop, Mason St, Hawth but location index has Alsop in Studley Park Rd. S&M 1880, 1883, 1885 - John Alsop, pr, 'Darley', Studley Park Rd. Age, 8 Nov 1997, Real Estate p 26 - Darley for sale, 5 bedrs &c, 30,000 sq ft site. NOTE: Alsop was brother of Mrs Elizabeth Anderson, who founded Ruyton Girls School. E N Matthews, Colonial Organs & Organ Builders, p 180. Organ built by Alsop but later rebuilt enlarged by George Fincham installed at Darley, Kew. Organ later sold and inastalled in 1925 in the res of H R Balfour in Toorak. Peter Peacock of Perth [08 9332 6854] advises, 10 April 2006, advises that it was owned by his great grand uncle, Dr Samuel Knox Peacock, who went broke in the 1929 depression. Peter Peacock, letter of 25.04.06: SKP moved to Darley after Eastbourbne House [?c1912] and left it in 1932. Enclosed cutting from the Argus, 24 June 1932, p 7, shows it amongst properties assigned to his trustee in insolvency. Enclosed sale poster shows he estate offered on 28 May 1938 on the instructions of J A Lehane in a six lot subdiviion, but the house, on lot 4, was not for sale.
Tibbits, William Tibbits, ill 34 (1876) & MMBW detail ill77, p 83. Sale poster, 28 May 1938. Fouir photos from Peter Peacock. ML s lides of house1983, and of Tibbits pic. Sanderson, Kew Cons St, photo. Age, 8 Nov 1997, Real Estate p 26, semi-aerial sketch.