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Mansion Blair Athol [MMBW] Blair Athole [VRM]

By architect Tayler, Lloyd , 1869-70



Blair Athol [MMBW] Blair Athole [VRM]
Campbell, Hon William [1870-] Currie, Archibald Felstead, Edward Felstead, William H Menzies, Catherine Felstead, W H [-1904-] Kimberley, Craig [1976-1994-]

Street details

Leslie Grove, 5 [fomerley Hartley St, nw cnr Were St & west to the railway line. MMBW ref]

Building details

76 D2

Construction details

Tayler, Lloyd
Dixon, J P

Source, Ilustrations and Features

Argus, 23 Nov 1869, p 3 - LT tenders for villa res at Brighton for Hon William Campbell; RIBA Library online catalogue, house of Hon W Campbell MLC, Brighton, by Lloyd Tayler, photo by C Nettleton 26.10.70, amongst those presented by Lloyd Tayler, Hon Sec RIBA for the Colony of Victoria, 1876. Argus , 2 Feb 1884, p 14 - auction of 2 st brick res, of Hon WC, entrances from Leslie St & Brighton Beach Station (private gate), slate roof, verandah & balcony, extensive descr. Designed by Lloyd Tayer. Vic & Met,ii, p 532. Lloyd Tayler designed the res of Hon Wm Campbell at Brighton Beach. Argus, 29 Nov 1884, p 14. Auction notice for sale of furniture of Mrs Menzies at her residence, Blair Athol, Brighton. Argus, 31 Jan 1885, p 11. To let, Blair athol, a modern family res of 13 rooms etc. Argus, 13 Nov 1886, p 1. Son born to the wife of Archibald Currie, at Blair Athol, Brighton. S&M 1888 Currie, Captain Archibald, South Rd [north side bet Beach & Foote Lane] Vic Rep Men, 82-3 Bate, History of Brighton, p 331. Andrew C Ward & Assoc, City of Brighton Urban Character and Conservation Study Data Sheets. Built 1870 for William Campbell, squatter, who lived there until 1883. Edward Felstead 'resident there'in 1890. By 1904, William H Felstead, of Beath, Schiess & Co, is resident, and in 1906, occupied by Mrs Catherine Menzies. Subdivision plan of 1906 of Blair Athol Estate 'the estate of Mrs C Menzies' in Ward, original held by Brighton historical society. Geoff Borrack, phone to MBL, 16 Jan 1980, He is doing research on the house and saysa it was owned by the Menzies family, of Menzies Hotel. Age, 30 Apr 1994, p 37, p 37, Veronica Ridge, 'A Brighton gem shows how the wealthy live'. Built by William Campbell, since 1976 owned by Craig Kimberley of Just Jeans, now selling - 5 bedrs, library, den &c, interior by John Coote, coachhouse and stables renovated as entertainment complex and guest quarters.
RIBA Library photo LS 3437 [not sighted] Vic Rep Men, 82-3. Of these, the entrance hall is reproduced in Forge, Victorian Splendour, p 57. SLV library record no 1063062, John Collins 1963 photo of exterior.