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Mansion St Johns Wood (1) Wanganella

By architect , 1870



St Johns Wood (1) Wanganella
McDonald, John [1870-77] Peppin, Mrs Maria [1878-88] Sceele, C S [solicitor] [1888-1889] Willis, Brand, & descendants [1889-1956] Nicholson, Gordon [1956-]

Street details

Aird St, 8 [formerly Riversdale Rd, then Peppin St]

Building details

60 A1

Construction details


Source, Ilustrations and Features

Argus, 24 June 1876, p 8 - St Johns Wood, Upper Hawthorn, for sale or to let with 40 acres,dwg & dng rms each 30 by 17 ft by 12 ft, six bedrs, all large. NT file 1140. HOA , 3/15. G Butler, Camberwell ConservationStudy, iv, pp 2-4: first owner JMcD 1870, placed on the market 1877 as family res in 4 acres, dwg & dng rms each 30 x 17 ft on grd floor, 6 good bedrs above. From about 1878 MP, widow of George Peppin jnr, of the family which formerly owned 'Wanganella ' in the Riverina, lived here with her children. Land was now 20 acres. May 1888 (probably after her death) 48 allotments surveyed and offered for sale as Wanganella Estate. C S Sceele briefly owned the house and 3 lots in 1888-9. Then BW and his executors and presumed children, the last of whom was Annie Willis. GN bought and further subdivided after 1956. TS Note: Not the same as St Johns Wood, High st, Burwood. Room dimensions given are not the same as those in the High Street St John's advert.
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