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Mansion St Leonards (MMBW)

By architect [Smith & Johnson?] , 1870



St Leonards (MMBW)
Matheson, John, [?Mathieson] [-1868-1888] Armytage, Frederick [-1888-] Cummings, - [1920s] Cummings, Clifford [-1970]
Dem (1970)

Street details

St Kilda
St Kilda
St Leonards Ave (east of 'Mimosa'. MMBW ref)

Building details

58 A9

Construction details

[Smith & Johnson?]
Cummings, George

Source, Ilustrations and Features

HBV 123. Annotation by Raggatt identifies this as Vardy plan No. 5 W W , lot 20. St Kilda by the Sea, p 173. St Leonard's was converted into flats in 1915-16 by architect Mr George Cummings. One bathroom to every six bedrooms. Advert refers to "flats and self-contained suites". Trust Newsletter, III, 6 (Feb 1975), 9: S&J designed St Leonard's for George Armytage: Cliff Cummings has donated a collection of material on the house to the Trust, including interior photos. Photos at SLV, inspected 1997, by Athol Shmith photos, presented to NTrust by Clifford Cummings, 3 Dec 1974. Note on one says that Mr Cummings's father ran it as a boarding house in the 1920s, it was dem 1970. Rowena Shew (phone 20 May 1996) - this was the house of the Mathieson family, that of the wife of Dr E H/M James of Alcaston house. The photos of 'Willie's tandem in Australia' are probably there (this I've confirmed by comparison). Property not identifiable before S&M 1868 Matherson [sic], John, Church Sq (off Acland St) S&M 1870, 1872, 1873, 1874 Matheson, John, general manager, Bank of Victoria, Collins St-east, p.r. Church Square, Acland St, St K. S&M 1881 Mathieson (sic), J F, Church Sq. S&M 1883 (last entry) Matheson, John, Church Sq. S&M 1884 (1st entry), 1888 Armytage, Frederick W, Church Sq. Cont .../2
James/Shew album: 'Willie's tandem in Australia' (2 photos in front of the house, one now on MM file). City of Port Phillip collection, photo c1912 in Raggatt, 'St Kilda', app A, p 22. Appears tobe substantially enlarged since James/Shew album photo. Photocopies of St Leonards c1912 publicity brochure on file - exterior and interior photos. Robertson, Ornamental Cast Iron in Melbourne, pp 112-3 - rear view, side view, ver detail. Cont.../2