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Mansion Glenferrie House (1) Culbin Zeerust

By architect , 1872 c [1866 c?]



Glenferrie House (1) Culbin Zeerust
Fergusson, James MLA Hayes, R E Stevenson, George Young, E M

Street details

Monaro Rd, 14 [originally large prperty, Glenferrie Rd, ne cnr Toorak Rd]

Building details

59 D4

Construction details

1872 c [1866 c?]

Source, Ilustrations and Features

TS Note: See also Glen Ferrie qv, which was on the same property as this house and was possibly replaced by it. Robb, Early Toorak, 50-1 (illus) - subdivided by George Stevenson Lewis & Aitken, Malvern Her Study, �2.10 - subdivided 1902 TS Note: This house was owned by James Fergusson, MLA of Fergusson & Moore, general printers, and Fergusson & Mitchell, engravers, lithographers & stationers, and not as stated in Robb by Mr Ferguson, glass engraver & stained glass maker (who lived in North Melbourne , and later Ayr Cottage qv). S&M 1863, 1864, 1865 Fergusson, James, Hawthorn [ie not this site] S&M 1866 [1st listing]1867, 1868, 1870, 1871 Fergusson, James, Gardiner's Creek Rd, Toorak TS Note: The following notice & the following S&M entry indicate that Fergusson might have been elsewhere in Gardiner's Creek Rd before moving to Glenferrie. Age, 31 Aug 1872, p 2. Land for sale opp the newly-built mansion of James Fergusson, MLA, Gardiner's Creek Rd about i mile beyond Government House. S&M 1872 Fergusson, James, Glenferrie, Malvern. (Gardiner's Creek Rd) S&M 1877 Young, E M [manager, Aust Mortgage Land & Finance Co], p.r. 'Glenferrie', Malvern Argus, 27 Jan 1877, p 3. Extensive auction notice for the sale of the furniture of E M Young at his residence, 'Glenferrie', Toorak. TS Note: In S&M 1877 Fergusson is listed as being at 1 Albert Terrace, Albert St, East Melb. Fergusson CONTINUED 2/.
RHSV old photos including GN-SMC-87.4, front view, and AC9-0128, side view. Robb, Early Toorak, p 50. 'Glenferrie House (now called Zeerust)'. SLV Picture Collection, LtAF 372, Colin Caldwell Album, p 26, photos, April 1949. TS Note: The Lewis & Aitken Malvern Her Study �2.10, has the engr from adv labelled as house of GS, pres 1902, incorrectly captioned Glenferrie, the house of George CONTIUED 2/.