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Mansion Rosecraddock Ringwood Cottage Ringwood

By architect Tayler, Lloyd , 1870 [1850s on]



Rosecraddock Ringwood Cottage Ringwood
Harris, G W [to 1860] Tropp, Samuel [1860-] Jamieson, J Connell, J [to 1870] Langdon, Henry J [1870 -]

Street details

Rosecraddock Place, 3

Building details

68 A1

Construction details

Tayler, Lloyd
1870 [1850s on]

Source, Ilustrations and Features

Argus, 5 Jan 1861, p 2. Auction notice. Ringwood Cottage, property of G W Harris, Hawthorne Rd, Caulfield. Brick residence, slate roof, 8 ft wide verandah, large entrance hall, 8 rooms ,etc. Argus 24 Jan 1870, p 2. Auction notice. Ringwood , property of J M Connell, Hawthorne Rd, East St Kilda. Description. Argus, 21 Oct 1874, p 3 - LT tenders for stables at Rosecraddock, Caulf, for HJL; 20 Oct 1877, p 10 - LT tenders for altns & addns to Rosecraddock, Caulfield. Possible - Argus, 16 June 1882, p 6 - LT tenders for billiard rm; 30 Sep 1882, p 6 - LT tenders for addns to house at Clfld ML file Murray, Sand, Swamp, 178 - GW Harris was at �Ringwood� by 1857, and it was transferred to Tropp, Jamieson, Connell and finally HJL, who named it Rosecraddock. Solomon, Caulfield's Building Heritage, pp 30-32. ML file.
ML slides of c1880s photos from Lambert, 'Rosecraddock', from original photos held by H C C Langdon. TS Note: Same photo as one held by ML in Henderson's Australian Families, p 101 has caption 'Rosecraddock, 1873'. SLV John Collins photo.