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Mansion Twyford Shorland

By architect , 1864 pre



Twyford Shorland
Cole, Thomas Cole, Henry U Cole, A H

Street details

Tooronga Rd [later address St Helens Rd, later Leura Gv]

Building details

59 G2

Construction details

1864 pre

Source, Ilustrations and Features

McWilliam, Peppercorns, 80 - illus c 1870 photo. S&M 1864 TC, Hawthorn S&M 1869, various to 1886 TC, Tooronga Rd. S&M 1888 TC, St Helens Rd. S&M 1910 Cole, H, Nurseryman, St Helens Rd (south side bet Tooronga Rd & Widford St) TS Note: MMBW map 60 indicates house matching photo in plan and also S&M location on Leura Grv. Extract on file) A'asian, 19 Aug 1876, p 250. Twyford, Mr T C Cole's garden, Upper Hawthorn. Extensive article on garden & plantings. House approached off Tooronga Rd by curvilinear drive nearly quarter of a mile long flanked by trees & shrubs. House is substantial with broad verandah all round with the kitchen, store-rooms underground. "As a preventive of damp, a passage the width of the verandah has been built around the underground portion of the building, which appears to be a very excellent plan, as it allows the air to circulate freely through the rooms and at the same time the walls are kept perfectly dry." S&M 1920 Cole, Hy. U, 'Shorland', Tooronga Rd Argus, 8 June 1938, p 11. The remaining part of the Cole's nursery property is to be subdivided. The original lots were purchased by T Cole in1845. His original home on the property, 'Shorland', still survives in Leura Grove. It is now occupied by his grandson, Mr A H Cole.
McWilliam, Peppercorns, 80 - illus c 1870 photo. Same is City of Boroondara [Hawthorn] collection LHPH 2040.