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Mansion Landcox [MMBW ] Marillac House Tara Institute

By architect Webb, Charles , 1857 c; 1881



Landcox [MMBW ] Marillac House Tara Institute
Were, Jonathan Binns [c 1857 - 1862 - ] McMillan, Archibald & Kate McMillan, William Bent, Sir Thomas [fr 1884] Officer, Sir Robert

Street details

Brighton East
Mavis Ave, 3 [MMBW ref]

Building details

67 J9

Construction details

Webb, Charles
1857 c; 1881

Source, Ilustrations and Features

Clive W Were, A Portrait of J.B. Were and his Family (Sandringham, the author, 1988), p 103. Weres lived at Moorabbin House to c 1854 then visited England, and Landcox was built for them while away. Named after the family estate near Wellington in Somerset. Argus, 6 Dec 1862. Auction notice. Landcox estate, Brighton, lately in the occupation of J B Were. Lot 1 - The house erected under the superindence of C Webb Esq about five years hence. Built of stone quarried form the adjoining paddock. House verandah to 3 sides (8' x 170'), entrance hall 44' x 8'6", etc . Dimensions of rooms given. (TS Note: No mention of tower) Argus, 7 May 1881, p 2 - auction of Landcox, property of the late A & Mrs Kate McMillan, mansion & 104 acres, 10 ft ver to 3 sides, 50 ft tower, detailed description, kitchen with range by McEwan, 19 acres incl orchard, flower bed, shrubberies, small lake &c; SLV Vale map collection, 1881 subdiv pla. Argus,18 May 1881, p 8 - was by CW; Argus, 24 June 1881, p 3 - CW tenders for addns to Landcox Argus, 31 March 1882, p 10. Descriptive article on decoration by Cullis Hill recently completed at Landcox. Owner named as William McMillan. NOTE - Lane & Serle, p 33, cite 31 March 1883, p 10. Argus, 2 Feb 1884, p 12. Auction notice, Landcox. Extensive description. Decoration by Cullis Hill. Beautifully laid out garden, fernery, large tennis lawn, and extensive shrubberies. The whole having being designed with great taste by a landscape gardener from England. Leavitt & Lilburn, Jub Hist, I, pt IV, unpag - J B Were 3rd son of Nicholas Were of Landcox, CONTINUED 2/.
Table Talk, 12 July 1906 (as advised by Terry Sawyer, March 07). Photocopy of excellent c1900? photo via Jessie Serle. Original held by Buddhist Community at the house. HBV, p 128. A J Petrie collection, colour slides 1968. SLV record no 1063082. J T Collins 1968 photo, part front view.
Kitchen with range by McEwan. Garden by landscape gardener from England.