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Mansion Glenholme (MMBW) Glen Holme

By architect , 1871 [& earlier?]



Glenholme (MMBW) Glen Holme
Hart, John [ to c 1879] McDougall, James Butler, Richard H

Street details

Bambra Rd (west side boundaries approx current Snowden Av & Briggs Sts. MMBW ref. Vicinity Chloris Court.)

Building details

68 B4

Construction details

1871 [& earlier?]

Source, Ilustrations and Features

Murray, Sand, Swamp, p126 - 1871 JH built a new house on the family land in Bambra Rd, but left for Brighton 8 yrs later; the later owner JMcD called the house Glenholme; p 42 - JMcD was a partner in Sands & McDougall, and the house later became a lunatic asylum. SLV Vale map collection, book 8a, p 109. Handwritten notes & sketch plan, '..Harts House, Bambra Rd, Caulfield..' House in two blocks of similar size with link between, one brick of 2 stories, the other single storey wood. Rough dimensions & short description given. TS Note: The brick section of the house generally matches part of the building depicted in Murray, Sand, Swamp, p 42, but the timber building has been replaced by a dominant larger scale wing at the rear. The scale of the original timber building suggests that it may have predated the brick building. S&M 1885 McDougall, James 'Glenholm' (sic), Bambra Rd S&M 1897 Butler, Richard H, 'Glen Holme', Bambra Rd, Caulfield. Andrew Ward, City of Glen Eira Heritage Management Plan, i, p 56. Demolished c1923 to make way for Chloris Court.
Murray, Sand, Swamp, p 42 - old photo of 2 st brick Gothicky bargeboarded house Andrew Ward, City of Glen Eira Heritage Management Plan, i, p 56.