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Mansion Findon [MMBW]

By architect [Vickers, Charles?] , 1856 c [1871?]



Findon [MMBW]
Palmer, James F Henty, Stephen G Miller, Hon Henry [1871 -

Street details

High St, [ from Barkers Rd to Stevenson St, lodge at High St, house near Stevenson St, facing sth, Findon paddock through to Barkers Rd. MMBW ref]

Building details

45 A7 - B7

Construction details

[Vickers, Charles?]
Wharton & Vickers Crouch and Wilson
1856 c [1871?]

Source, Ilustrations and Features

Jean Uhl, A Woman of Importance , p 261. Records from Childers diaries that [in 1856], Dr James Palmer was building a new house at Kew which Emily was invited to go and see. TS Note: Most likely to be Argus, 21 June 1856, p 8. For sale or to let, the Estate of Bayles, on the Kew-road, 4 miles from town, the property of J F Palmer. House is elegantly finished, contains 15 rooms, store, cellars, stabling etc, trenched garden of 1 acre, grass paddock of 6 aces. Stone built entrance lodge of 3 rooms at entrance to grounds. Age, 26 Nov 1864, p 4. Born at Findon, near Kew, a son to the wife of Richard Henty. [Brown, Clyde Co Papers, VII, p 444], John Walter Cross to Mrs William Cross, 13 Apr 1872 - 'On Thursday night I dined with some of the young Hentys. ... It [dinner at Russells] was better than the Hentys for though Madam H. is quite a pretty woman she was werry colonial, and he though a good fellow is a considerable prig with an absolute want of humour .. [continues]. The Hentys live in a suburb called Kew. ML NOTE: This could be the Herbert Henty's at Roxeth/Patea or the Henry Henty's at Tutello. Argus, 6 Jan 1873, p 3. Wharton & Vickers. Tenders wanted for sundry works at Findon, Kew, for the Hon Henry Miller. TS Note: Some portions of Findon have similarities to Roxeth qv. Given that Charles Vickers designed large additions to Roxeth for Herbert Henty, the Wharton & Vickers tender for sundry works at Findon for Miller implies that Vickers may have had an involvement in the design of Findon prior to its purchase by Miller. Also, this raises a further possible Palmer/Vickers link as Palmer was a generous Continued 2
Vic & Met, II, p 486 - engr of exterior, picture gallery, ballroom [see ML slides]. Lane & Serle, Australians at Home, p 209 describe the Picture Gallery as engr by FA Sleap after drwg by A C Cooke Barnard, Jubilee Hist Kew, 48, illus fac 21. Almost identical but inferior photo to the above is Australasian, 19 March 1910, p 726.