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Mansion Stradbroke

By architect Smith, Sydney William , 1872



Moore, Thompson, MLA Bruce, John M Goodall, John

Street details

St Kilda
St Kilda
Grey St, 71 (west side approx mid way bet Fitzroy & Neptune Sts. Vardy plan as annotated by Raggatt shows it to be immediately south of 'Eildon'. MMBW ref.)

Building details

58 A9

Construction details

Smith, Sydney William

Source, Ilustrations and Features

Argus, 4 June1872, p 3 - SWS tenders for large 2 st brick res &c in Grey St for Thompson Moore, MLA (S&M 1877 TM, Grey St (west side approx mid way bet Fitzroy & Neptune Sts) Nigel Lewis, St Kilda Conservation Study, p 122. TS Note: This house, and the neighbouring house of Gavin Shaw, was built on the site of 'the ancient and admirable Swiss cottage' described in the auction notice for the sale of 'Barham House' qv. Identified in Raggatt, 'St Kilda', as 1873 Vardy plan, 4 W W, lot 34. Argus, 24 Oct 1885, p 14. Sale of furniture of J M Bruce, who is about to leave the premises, at his residence 'Stradbroke', Grey St, St Kilda. S&M 1885 Bruce, John M, Grey St [west side, to the immediate south of J L Currie. S&M 1893 Goodall, John, 63 Grey St [west side immediately to the south of J L Currie].
Nigel Lewis, 'St Kilda' Conservation Study', p 122. Modern photo. Raggatt, 'St Kilda', 1978 photo.