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Mansion Beaumont Rossedon (MMBW) Bosslborn (MMBW) Bosseborn (S&M)

By architect , 1865 pre



Beaumont Rossedon (MMBW) Bosslborn (MMBW) Bosseborn (S&M)
Sellar, R Ritchie, Mrs Gudeman, R Gudemann, Mrs Mary

Street details

St Kilda
St Kilda
Tennyson St (one property east of se cnr Tennyson St & Dickens St in 1873. (MMBW ref is north east side, nw of 'Rotherfield', Hennessy Av now runs through this property)

Building details

58 C12

Construction details

Crouch & Wilson
1865 pre

Source, Ilustrations and Features

[Brown, Clyde Co Papers, VII, p 444], John Walter Cross to Mrs William Cross, 13 Apr 1872 - Philip Russell said to live beyond Robert Sellar at St Kilda. [Ibid, p 445] PLB note apparently from S&M 1871-2 - Robert Sellar, Tennyson St, St Kilda. S&M 1865, 1868 Sellars (sic), Robert (of McCulloch, Sellars & Co), Tennyson St, St K Raggatt 'St Kilda'. Vardy plan of 1873 as annotated by Raggatt shows R Sellar (9 S W, lot 43) one property east of se cnr Tennyson St & Dickens St. TS Note: This is the same property as Argus, 20 Nov 1875, p 2. Auction notice. Mrs Ritchie of Sydney has instructed agents to sell Beaumont, Tennyson St, St K, adjoining the res of Judge Bindon and contiguous to the residences of E Brett, E Ashley, & F G Smith. Single storey cemented brick with slate roof and wide verandah. Dimensions of major rooms given. Argus, 6 July 1876, p 3 - C&W tenders for altns & reps to Beaumont, Tennyson St, StK for RG. S&M 1880 Gudeman, Robert, Tennyson St (north side, immediately to the south of Mrs Bindon. Maree Hayes notes that on MMBW plan1385 of March 1905 'Rossedon' is called 'Bosslborn'. S&M 1903 Gudemann (sic), Mrs Mary, 'Bosseborn' (sic), Tennyson St (east side, immediately to the north of 'Rotherfield')